Finding a Model
The Order Procedure
How to find the model
There are 2 options you can choose from at the start Screen:
  • Individual Models (individually packed in a display, blister, window box, pop-op display or loose)
  • Model combines in sets (2 packs, 3 packs, 10 packs, gift boxes etc.etc.)
If you want to buy Individual Models you can choose the relevant line in the Individual Models section as shown in:

You can pull down the different options (Overview on Number, Name, Fire etc.)by clicking the behind the line you would like to choose from.

In order to have a quick overview of all items we have added recently we show you two dates in this section.
shows you the date when the Group have been updated for the last time.
shows you when the dates of the indiviual lines within that Group have been updated for the last time.
On the next screen you can make a choice of the individual model by clicking the underlind Number as in
If you want to Order a set you go to the relevant section in the Sets as shown in:

The next step is to simply click on the underlined date of a section section as in: . The date shows here the last time we have updated that particular subject.
How to find the order Number
In both cases this will bring you to a screen with pictures of the models and each pictures shows its own order number as in
Dates in Yellow
In a number of places you will notice a date in yellow as in . This means that this particular item has been updated during the last two weeks. This should give the frequent visitor of the site a quick method in order to find out which items have been added over the last 2 weeks.

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